Are You Ready to Purchase a Vacation Home in Park City?

Are You Ready to Purchase a Vacation Home in Park City?

This mountain town is the best recreation and leisure destination

Park City is a beautiful town nestled within the Wasatch Mountains. As such, it’s popular for its winter sports, natural attractions, and beautiful properties. Buyers searching for a vacation home would be hard-pressed to find options better than what Park City real estate provides. When making a search, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of a purchase. Before deciding if a Park City vacation home is right for you, here’s what to expect from local housing market trends.

Currently, Park City’s local market is experiencing cooling trends. The median sales price across all property types has decreased by 22.9%. Closed sales have also declined by 47.4%. This is good news for buyers, as they can expect better offers and less competition. Inventory in the area is also growing. Active inventory is up 121.2% compared to last year. Buyers don’t have to rush to make a purchase, as median days on market have increased by 638.5%. Keep this in mind when making your vacation home search.

Considerations when vacation home hunting

Purchasing a vacation home is something buyers should consider thoroughly before starting their search. Think through all the pros and cons of a vacation home. Also, make sure you can manage an additional financial investment. Lastly, search for a location you’ll love visiting multiple times.

The pros and cons

When searching for a vacation home, first consider the pros and cons an additional property presents. There are many perks to having a vacation home. For one, it provides a reliable place to visit. Owners save themselves time, stress, and expenses by planning out accommodations when they want to vacation. A vacation home can be a valuable investment, especially in areas with high appreciation rates and strong rental markets. Homes can also serve as retirement property further down the line.

There are some things to consider before purchasing a vacation home. Having a single vacation home gives owners less flexibility. This can be limiting if you enjoy visiting new places. The costs of another property can also add up. Think about expenses like a down payment, maintenance costs, and travel costs when visiting the property.

A financial investment

Purchasing Park City homes as a vacation home is a large financial investment. Single-family homes average $4.35 million. Be sure you’re capable of financing the cost of a vacation home and your primary residence. Those purchasing secondary residences also have access to tax breaks. Look for property tax deductions and mortgage interest deductions when financing your property.

Finding the right location

Location is key to a vacation home purchase. Make sure the home is located in an area you can enjoy for a long time to come. For example, vacationers in Park City love it for its skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, and stunning mountain views. You should feel like an area provides something new with each visit. Also, determine your ability to travel to a chosen location. Choosing someplace too far away may make it difficult to use and maintain.

Why Park City is a perfect vacation spot

Park City homes offer prime options for buyers interested in vacation homes. This picturesque mountain town features outdoor recreation throughout all four seasons. The resorts within the community provide residents with luxury amenities, all within an unbeatable location.

Outdoor recreation

Park City is most popular for its outdoor winter recreation. World-class skiing and snowboarding can be found at Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain, and Woodward Park City. Deer Valley Resort features 2,000+ skiable acres with runs for novices and experts alike. Or snowboard the same world-class terrain parks that Olympic gold winners trained on at Park City Mountain. Woodward Park City has a wider variety of year-round sports, including snow tubing on the longest lanes in the state.

Outdoor recreation is complemented by the state parks surrounding the city. 20 minutes northeast of Park City is Rockport State Park. Enjoy summer recreation on the 1,080 acres of Rockport Reservoir. Launch your boat, kayak, fish, or jump in. 20 minutes to the south, residents can visit Wasatch Mountain State Park. This 23,000-acre preserve has endless trails for all recreation. Visitors can also golf on one of its four 18-hole courses.


Explore the community surrounding Park City real estate by branching out into the shopping scene. Historic Main Street is like a picture of your favorite winter movie. Visit its shops for mountain fashion, the best outdoor brands, or souvenirs to remember your stay. Historic Main Street is also a hotspot for the arts and culture scene. Another popular shopping center is Outlets Park City. Explore its 65+ brand-name outlet stores for all your retail needs. Brands include Tommy Hilfiger, Columbia, and Michael Kors.

Unbeatable location

A large part of what makes Park City such a great vacation home spot is its unbeatable location. The Salt Lake City International Airport is only 35 minutes away. No matter where you’re coming from, it’s easy to fly right into the area. Given its central location, Park City is also a very manageable road trip from western state cities. Once you’re within the city’s bounds, residents have access to the free transit system. Hop on High Valley Transit to travel through the Wasatch Back region. Or ride Transit to Trails when hiking upper elevation trailheads.

Ready to start your search?

Park City is the perfect spot to start your vacation home search. The area offers endless entertainment, making each visit new and exciting. It’s also easy to access regardless of where you live. The best way to learn about everything Park City provides is by partnering with a local agent. They can help you search for properties that accommodate all your needs. When you’re ready to start looking for vacation homes in the area, contact trusted local agent Liza Story to guide you through the process.

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